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  • provisional scion list winter 2021

    3 May at 07:16 from atlas

    I have just sorted our provisional scion wood list for winter 2021 (tbc in mid/late July). This year, i am not taking individual orders. Tree crops Branches are able to do a discounted bulk order, but otherwise the wood will be offered publically on Trade Me in late July for $4/piece + P&P by richardsorchard. Hopefully some of the rare ones will get new homes again this year There is a general document to download at with apple photos and descriptions. I haven't cross referenced it yet, so it might be a few missing/extras. APPLES: Adam's Pearmain, Akane, Alexander, Altländer Pfannkuchenapfel, Aria, Awatere, Ballarat, Beauty of Bath, Belle de Boskoop, Black Prince, Black Twig, Blenheim Orange, Braeburn, Bramley's Seedling, Brigit, Brigitte, Candelabra, Captain Kidd Kay, Charwell, Cox's Orange Pippin, Criterion, Crusader, Delicious, Democrat, Discovery, Doreen, Early Strawberry, Egremont Russet, Eric, Fairbelle, Fiesta, Five Crown, Freyberg, Fuji, Gala, Geeveston Fanny, Geheimrat Oldenburg, Gewürtzluiken, Glockenapfel, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Golden Pearmain, Gooseberry, Granny Smith, Gravenstein, Gretna Green, Hetlina, Ice Apfel, Idared, Ingrid Marie, Irish Peach, John's Unknown, Jonagold, Jonathan, Kapai Red Jonathan, Katrina's Yellow Cider, Kentish Fillbasket, Kidd's Orange Red, Kingston Black Cider, Kiwi Railway Station, Limerick, Lobo, Lyric, Maruia, Mary Rose, Melody, Merton Russet, Monty's Surprise, Mother (aka American Mother), Nonnetit Bastard, Northern Spy, Orin, Parikawa, Peasgood Nonsuch, Pelorus, Prima, Priscilla, Queen of Sheba, Queen's Golden Russet, Rakopi Russet, Rameka Red, Red Bramley, Red Delicious "Red Prince", Red Dougherty, Red Gravenstein, Red Hart, Reinette du Canada, Rokewood, Rome Beauty, Rosalita wild apple, Rosie with Cider, Royal Gala, Sansa, Scarlet Pimpernel, Spartan, Splendour, Statesman, Sturmer Pippin, Takapuna Russet, Telstar, Tropicana, Tydemann's Late Orange, Überalleskochenapfel, Unknown green, Winesap, Worcester Pearmain, Xenia, Ysolde. PLUMS/GAGES/DAMSONS: Angelino, Barnego, Big Red, Billington, Blue Diamond, Cacak Best, Chambers Jacket, Coe's Golden Drop, d'Agen, Damson, Diana Pink Gage, Early Italian, Early Rivers, Elephant Heart, English Greengage, Flowering Plum, Fortune, Gem, Golden d'Agen, Golden Dragon Yellow Gage, Grosse Grüne Rever Hardy Greengage, Lucky Lady, Mac Verna, Mariana's Greengage, Mirabelle Mrs Stevens, Nigel, Odessa, Omega, Opal d'Agen, President, Purple Gage, Purple King, Purple Prune Seedling, Red Doris, Reid's Red, Reine Claude du Bavay Greengage, Rose Zee, Sakura, Sam, Satsuma, Shiro, Sultan, Tamaki Special, The Brook, Torwick, Uli, Von Wertenheim, Wakapiro Gold, Wells' d'Agen, Wratt's Corner, Yellow Cherry Plum, Yvette. QUINCE: Quince BAC29, Quince Smyrna, Quince Stinger's Quince, Quince Van Dieman.


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