Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  
  • In the Stall now (24.4.14)

    24 April at 18:30 from atlas

    23 kinds of apples: Ballarat, Black Twig, Blenheim Orange, Braeburn,Democrat, Fairbelle, Fiesta, Five Crown (aka London Pippin), Fuji, Gala, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Jonagold, Jonathan, Orin, Red Delicious, Red Dougherty, Red Queen, Splendour, Sturmer Pippin, Winesap & Xenia (some in small amounts). Also Winter Cole & Glou Morceau pears.


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CLOSED due to COVID19 Situation

Closed from 7pm March 24th until further notice