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  • Apple Fair Jam/Marmalade/Chutney

    25 April at 09:56 from atlas

    WAKEFIELD APPLE FAIR FUNDRAISER, JAMS & CHUTNEYS. We are selling 3 jars as an item for $15. Choose and email us the letters of your choice, or we can choose a mixed selection for you. A.  Damson & Crab Apple Jam with Citrus and Spices. Contents: Damson plums, crab apples, lemons, grapefruit, sugar, spices. (6 available on 25 April). B.  Golden Dragon Jam. Contents: Golden Dragon yellow gage plums, sugar, lime juice. (12 available on 25 April). C.  Greengage Jam. Contents: Greengages, sugar. (6 available on 25 April). D.  Medlar & Lime Jelly. Contents: Medlars (an ancient fruit with a date flavour), limes, sugar. (9 available on 25 April). E.  Red Peach Jam. Contents: Black Boy peaches, sugar. (8 available on 25 April). F.  Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade. Contents: Oranges, grapefruit, sugar. (16 available on 25 April). G.  Green Walnut & Fruit Chutney. Contents: Green walnuts, oranges, melon juice, pomegranate juice, sugar, salt, cayenne pepper. (4 available on 25 April). H.  Peach & Cranberry Chutney Sauce. Contents: Peaches, fresh cranberries, sugar, spices, salt. (24 available on 25 April). Information: All profits go to fund the 2021 Wakefield Apple Fair. All items were made prior to the current COVID-19 situation. Made in a kitchen that uses nuts & using a mix of new and re-used jars, including peanut butter and pasta sauce jars. Most jars are 250ml, some are larger (all the same price). Keep in your pantry and refrigerate when opened. 


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