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  • Change is coming....

    12 November at 10:49 from atlas

  • 12 November at 10:47 from facebook

    We are planning changes to how we sell fruit in 2021. Options are limited opening hours, click and collect, market stalls and online services. We are likely to do an update in January 2021

  • 30 October at 16:44 from facebook

    Richards' Orchard's cover photo

  • 30 October at 16:43 from facebook

    Richards' Orchard

  • 22 October at 06:46 from facebook

    Rosalita. A roadside find of a flowering apple...a seedling so we named it ourselves. Apples are not much worth, but beautiful flowers

  • 18 October at 09:09 from facebook

    This sounds yummy. A Ye Olde recipe

  • 17 October at 09:25 from facebook

    Apple blossom time

  • 3 October at 15:16 from facebook

    Wakefield Apple Fair

  • 12 September at 16:58 from facebook

    Waikato Tree Crops is advertising some fruit scion wood, if you are still hunting for some. click on the image below to see more details

  • 8 September at 08:08 from facebook

    Wakefield Apple Fair


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We are closed for the rest of 2020