Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  


  • Happy Wassailling!

    22 June at 10:43 from atlas

    If you have an apple tree, now (mid winter) is the time to go wassailling (flaming torches optional). ...

  • Scion Orders Closed

    22 June at 10:39 from atlas

    Scion orders are now officially closed (orders that come in late will be ignored until late July or later) 

  • Apples now in Stall:

    17 June at 09:34 from atlas

    Splendour, Sturmer, Ballarat, Fuji, Red Dougherty, NZ Rose, Red Delicious, Blenheim Orange, Winter Rose, Ysolde, Rome Beauty, Rakopi ...

  • In Stall

    9 June at 09:47 from atlas

  • Open in Level 1

    9 June at 09:41 from atlas

    Well done New Zealand! No more distancing restrictions in the stall. We are continuing the cash or "bank deposit" options for payments ...

  • Scion wood for sale (for grafting)

    25 May at 11:06 from atlas

    Orders are now OPEN for scion wood for grafting. Orders close at 5pm on June 21. We have 115 apples, 21 pears and 47 ...

  • Open again on Thursday 14 May

    11 May at 15:46 from atlas

    With Level 2 starting on Thursday, we will be every day until about the end of August.

  • Preparing to Open in Level 2

    10 May at 08:09 from atlas

    Preparing to open in Level 2. We have suspended new online orders until we know more (existing orders for Sunday 10 May con be picked up ...

  • Our COVID-19 Plan

    27 April at 10:59 from atlas

    I have uploaded a summary of our risk and safety plan into the "files to download" area of the web page

  • Apple Fair Jam/Marmalade/Chutney

    25 April at 09:56 from atlas

    WAKEFIELD APPLE FAIR FUNDRAISER, JAMS & CHUTNEYS. We are selling 3 jars as an item for $15. Choose and email us the ...


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Address 668 The Coastal Highway
Mobile 0276308089
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Open Every Day until about August

8 am to 6 pm

Pay by cash (no change given) or bank deposit