Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  


  • 19 September at 19:35 from facebook

    Stall shut until January. No jobs (sorry). Pear blossom is looking lovely.

  • 9 September at 18:21 from facebook

    Fruit stall CLOSED until January 2019

  • 9 September at 07:53 from facebook

    LAST DAY FOR 2018. Open late

  • 5 September at 18:02 from facebook

    Stall will be open this weekend. Cheap apples for juice or pets. Closing on monday until summer.

  • 3 September at 07:06 from facebook

    LAST FEW DAYS! Prices slashed. $1 small bag or $2 large bags, supermarket bag or bring a box.

  • 31 August at 17:15 from facebook

    The stall is open this weekend but not for much longer. Come and stock up on apples to eat, cook, juice or for pets. All the waxeye birds tell me the apples taste great 😕

  • 31 August at 17:13 from facebook

    1944 + 75 = 2019! That means next year is 75 years since Grandfather bought the orchard

  • 28 August at 07:25 from facebook

    Fruit from our orchard is being made into jam as a fundraiser for the Wakefield Apple Fair in 2019. You can buy some at Willow Bank Heritage Village open day on Sunday 2 September 10 am - 3 pm. Green

  • 26 August at 16:10 from facebook

    Plum blossom is here. The stall is open for only a few more weeks. Stock up on apples for eating, cooking, juice, cider, baking or pets.


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