Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  


  • 7 December at 14:46 from facebook

    We are sponsoring school books again next year, for Mahana, Dovedale, Tapawera Area and Upper Moutere Schools.

  • 2 December at 06:09 from facebook

    Open Day at Willow Bank Heritage Village on Sunday 3 December, 10am - 3pm. I will be selling fresh picked Gem plums, limes, Madeline peach & nectarine jam, Greengage jam, Spicy plum relish, Plum

  • 26 November at 14:51 from facebook

    Its always hard when I have to actually buy apples. Lots of nice fruit in the stalls with cool stores though (saw this nice photo in a cook book today).

  • 9 November at 09:30 from facebook

    In Virginia, USA, here are some interesting preserves on sale. I have made apple butter in a slow-cooker. You can spread on it toast or scones. Frog Jam sounds good!

  • 5 November at 05:37 from facebook

    This would be nice with Braeburns. We are shut but plenty of great apples at stalls with coolstores.

  • 24 October at 06:15 from facebook

    Meanwhile on the other side of the world, its apple time 😄

  • 10 October at 18:06 from facebook

    Apple and quince blossoms. Spring is so pretty. Only three months before the fruit season begins again. Lol.

  • 24 September at 01:34 from facebook

    And so it begins..... blossom on the Gravenstein trees 😄

  • 17 September at 06:26 from facebook

    TODAY is the LAST DAY for the stall for this season. Still some Ballarat, Sturmers, Splendour and NZ Rose. Last chance to stock up for eating, cooking, pie or juice. Or grab some for your pets. We w

  • 14 September at 22:56 from facebook

    This looks yummy


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