Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  


  • 16 August at 08:41 from facebook

    Willow Bank Heritage Village, Wakefield

  • 10 August at 09:16 from facebook

    Scion wood orders have closed for 2019. Thank You, happy grafting, see you next year

  • 20 July at 13:46 from facebook

    Open tomorrow (Sunday 21 July) Closed on Monday until mid-January 2020

  • 18 July at 10:53 from facebook

    SUNDAY 21 JULY LAST DAY OPEN Open again in mid January 2020

  • 16 July at 19:35 from facebook

    Not long until we close until mid-January 2020. The crop was small due to the drought. Sturmer Pippin is perfect for juicing or cider. Splendour can be dried for a sweet treat. You can bring your own

  • 13 July at 07:32 from facebook

    Down to our last few bins of apples for season. Will not be open in August this year because we will sell out before then. Don't miss out. Eating, cooking, dehydrating, cook & freeze, chutney....

  • 8 July at 11:40 from facebook

    Open daily, early to late. Use our reuseable plastic bags ($5 & $12) or bring your own supermarket shopping bag ($25) or banana box ($45) to fill. Still seven kinds of tree ripened apples in stall

  • 28 June at 08:20 from facebook

    Splendour, Ballarat, Sturmer Pippin and several other heritage and tree ripened apples in stall. Use our re-useable plastic bags or bring your own supermarket shopping bag or banana box to fill. Open

  • 24 June at 14:00 from facebook

    Doing some refurbishing on our old packing shed. Parts date to about 1932, we believe, and were eucalyptus board 'n' batten with a black used-oil/diesel coating. Lots of apples in the stall. Open dai

  • 22 June at 08:51 from facebook

    Happy Solstice! Lots of eating and cooking apples in the stall. Open daily


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Re-opens mid-January