Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  

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The stall is open daily with "bag your own" apples and pears

Open every day from 8 am to 6 pm with apples and pears. Please keep a 2m distance from other people, have only one person in the stall at a time, and stay home if you or a family member is ill. Payment can be cash (no change given) or by "honesty" deposit to our bank account (details available in the stall).

Orders are now OPEN for scion wood for grafting. Orders close at 5pm on June 21. We have 115 apples, 21 pears and 47 plums listed (including Japanese plums, European plums, prunes, zwetschen (zwetschgen), d'Agen & damsons). Some will sell out very fast. Price is $3/piece + $2 handling fee + packing & courier costs. Download a List and Order Form from the "Files to Download" tab. (The larger List file has colour photos of apples; the smaller List file has the photos deleted).

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Sorry, we do not have any jobs available in the stall or orchard.