Richards' Orchard Fruit Stall  

The stall is open daily with "bag your own" apples

Open every day from 8 am to 6 pm until about August with heritage and old fashioned apples. Payment can be cash (no change given) or by "honesty" deposit to our bank account (details available in the stall). Customers are advised to scan our Covid Tracer QR code or keep a record of when they visit, for Covid-19 tracing purposes.

Orders are now officiallyCLOSED for scion wood for grafting. You can still email an "order" if you are desperate but any "orders" we get from now on will be ignored until at least late July. We are leaving our catalogue in our download page for a few months, so people can save a copy for future reference. That gives descriptions of 115 apples (with photos), 21 pears and 47 plums (including Japanese plums, European plums, prunes, zwetschen (zwetschgen), d'Agen & damsons).

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Sorry, we do NOT have any jobs available in the stall or orchard. We never have any jobs, sorry.


  • Happy Wassailling!

    22 June at 10:43 from atlas

    If you have an apple tree, now (mid winter) is the time to go wassailling (flaming torches optional). ...

  • Scion Orders Closed

    22 June at 10:39 from atlas

    Scion orders are now officially closed (orders that come in late will be ignored until late July or later) 

  • Apples now in Stall:

    17 June at 09:34 from atlas

    Splendour, Sturmer, Ballarat, Fuji, Red Dougherty, NZ Rose, Red Delicious, Blenheim Orange, Winter Rose, Ysolde, Rome Beauty, Rakopi ...

  • In Stall

    9 June at 09:47 from atlas

  • Open in Level 1

    9 June at 09:41 from atlas

    Well done New Zealand! No more distancing restrictions in the stall. We are continuing the cash or "bank deposit" options for payments ...


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Address 668 The Coastal Highway
Mobile 0276308089
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Open Every Day until about August

8 am to 6 pm

Pay by cash (no change given) or bank deposit