Richards' Orchard Market Fruit Stall & Orders for Pick-Up  

*Find our Market Stall at the Motueka Sunday Market, 8am-1pm. *Or Email an Order Request *Pick-Up at the Sunday Market or Orchard by Appointment Only

We have THREE ways to purchase our apples, pears, quinces & plums. Grandfather bought the orchard in 1944 and we are keeping on keeping on, just doing things a bit differently now. The old fruit stall in the shed is closed, sorry but....

1) We have a FRUIT STALL at the Motueka Sunday Market, Wallace Street, Motueka from 8am to 1pm every Sunday. Each week we will bring a selection of what's looking ready and delicious. Its "bag your own" and there will be a selection of samples for tasting. Find us under the red gazebo, just along from the "Info Centre" entrance. A list of what we are bringing will be on our Facebook/Webpage towards the end of each week. Email us before 5pm Friday if there is a variety you particularly want to see at the Market; we have so many choices, we don't bring them all each week.

2) You can EMAIL a request to order bags of fruit by using the "Email Us" button or send an email to See the "How to Order Fruit" page for more details. T&C apply.

3) If you are looking for a LARGE AMOUNT of fruit, please email us. Fruit sales are on a "gate sales" basis to individuals (not to shops). Minimum order is 180-200 kg apples/pears/quinces (equivalent to about 8-10 banana boxes). You would need to supply your own crates/boxes.

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NO jobs available; we never have any jobs, sorry.


  • Next Sunday is ANZAC Day, no morning trading allowed, so the Motueka Sunday Market will start at 12 o'clock and run to about 4pm

    19 April at 16:40
  • At Motueka Sunday Market April 18, 8am to 1pm: Sturmer Pippin, Splendour, Ballarat, Glockenapfel, Limerick, Kiwi Railway Station, Winesap, Gowan Green, Montys Surprise, Gewürtzluicken, Golden Del

    17 April at 16:56