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Find our NEW market fruit stall at the Motueka Sunday Market every Sunday. The old stall in our shed near Mapua is currently shut to the public.

Fruit sales for 2021 start on Sunday 17th January AT THE Motueka Sunday Market, Wallace Street, Motueka, NOT from the orchard. This market is every Sunday 8am-1pm. We will be there from mid-January to May. Heritage, old favorite, tree ripened and hard to find apples, plums, zwetschen (zwetschgen)(prune plums), pears, quinces and damsons (whenever is ready on the day). Same great fruit, still "bag your own" pick and mix. Sorry, no "try one" samples at present. Grandfather bought the orchard in 1944 and we are keeping on keeping on, just doing things a bit differently now.

There are NO public sales at the old fruit shed at the orchard near Mapua. We are looking at whether to do a click 'n' collect service from there (no decision on that yet, sorry).

We also have a facebook page with more updates and photos:

NO jobs available. We never have any jobs, sorry.


  • 17 January at 06:06 from facebook

    In Motueka Sunday Market today 8am until 1pm. Grab an umbrella and come on down. Gravenstein apples, Italian pears, Zwetschen, Fortune, Shiro, Waitui and Sultan plums. Our first market for the season.

  • 17 January at 04:07 from facebook

    Its going to rain but I will be at the Motueka Market today 8am to 1pm. Rain

  • 16 January at 20:49 from facebook

    Apple cake made with my last sturmers (they have kept well in the fridge since May). Tomorrow (Sunday) I am at the Motueka Market with the first pick of Waitui, Fortune, Zwetschen, Shiro and Sultan pl

  • 14 January at 18:43 from facebook

    Plums' insides: (top row) Shiro, (middle row, left to right) Billington, Waitui, (bottom row, left to right) Sultan and Purple....a zwetschen/zwetschgen/prune plum. See the previous post for their out

  • 14 January at 18:30 from facebook

    What's looking ready in the orchard? Plums (top row, left to right) Sultan, Billington, Shiro, Waitui and Purple Zwetschen. Red Haven peaches, Morettini Precose Italian pears (ends of middle row). App


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Currently NO sales at the Orchard, sorry

Find us at the Motueka Sunday Market 8am-1pm